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The World of Jesus

How Art, Archaeology & Artifacts Illuminate the First Century




Groups can book an appointment to see the exhibit outside regular business hours. To confirm your appointment contact the APP at EMAIL ADDRESS or PHONE NUMBER. 


Cost:  There is no required fee for individuals visiting The World of Jesus however, we do recommend a minimum $5 donation per visitor.  For groups visiting via appointment there will be a $20 facility fee that helps to cover the cost of having an employee present after hours and our other additional costs.   Self guided group visits will have no additional required fees.  For guided or hosted group visits our exhibit director requests donations, or for churches a “love offering,” be given to the exhibit to help with future Biblical archaeology projects.


Guided visit:  For smaller groups the director offers a guided visit where he will join the group walking through the exhibit and discussing each artifact display.  Estimated visit – 1 hour but depends on the group and questions.


Hosted visit:    For larger groups the director will conduct a presentation in the theater about the artifacts on display in the exhibit.  (Estimated time – 30 minutes).  After the presentation, the group will be allowed to visit the exhibit at their leisure and the director will be available for questions and offer points of illumination.


Our exhibit director:  All group visits will be with our exhibit director, Tommy Chamberlin.  “The World of Jesus” is Mr. Chamberlin’s second exhibit focused on the period of Biblical history with partners the University of Pikeville and the Associates for Biblical Research.  Mr. Chamberlin excavates at the site of Tel Shiloh in Israel where he works as a square supervisor in training. 

Group Visit Information

To be contacted for a group visit, please provide the following information