Broadway Boot Camp!

Short Form Sketch Movie Trailers 

Taught by: Erick & Shannon 

Ages: 11+

Dates: Monday and Friday

Meeting Time: 2-3:30 pm.

Creative Play 

Taught by: Erick & Shannon 

Ages: 4-7

Dates: Tuesday

Meeting Time: 10-10:45 am.


Each week, students will develop their beginning acting skills as they explore improvisation techniques and creative theatre games guided by topics such as listening, movement, imagination, and more! 

Tech Talks

Taught by: James 

Ages: 13+

Dates: Tuesday and Thursday

Meeting Time: 2-4 pm.

An introduction and discussions about the many phases and aspects of a theatrical production. Examples of topics include communication skills, set design, sound design, lighting design and technical direction.

Art of the Monologue 

Taught: Erick, Shannon and Robin

 Ages: 11+

Dates: Wednesdays

Meeting Time: 10-11 am.